Activating existing users

Our long-standing client, Ocean Spray, asked us to fix a strategic challenge – getting existing users to buy more often; driving repeat and frequency.

We have developed an approach that forensically targets existing users through a mixture of social and wider digital channels, and delivers rich, stimulating content to them, driving usage occasions.

Forensic targeting and retargeting.

The start point is using existing user data – our known users – social followers, email subscribers, website visitors, to form the basis of our ‘existing users’ target group. This existing user data is used to create tightly defined lookalike and custom audiences that exhibit the same attributes as our core audience – these are most likely to be our wider existing user audiences.

Each month we target Oceans Spray’s 1 million existing users using this targeting approach, who are also retargeted after their visit to the Ocean Spray website, driving up our top-of-mind awareness with an increasingly targeted audience.


Showcasing versatility

Existing users are familiar with Ocean Spray, but need more ‘reasons’ to use the products. They are already familiar with Ocean Spray – so, we don’t have to tell them what it does… but more how they can use it.  Therefore, an opportunity exists to present a greater variety and a broader repertoire of uses and usage occasions to medium users – and this access to variety of uses and usage occasions [versatility] represents a great opportunity for growth!

Live the summer! With Ocean Spray

We are running a calendar of regular themed content to mirror the season and showcase the versatility of the product – supported by a related online promotion. Our first campaign – Live the Summer!– uses a range of impactful social creative formats to deliver the motivating summer campaign message and showcase the variety of uses – from carousel, to canvas and video ads.

Eye-catching recipe films

As part of the campaign, our content team developed 3 new short-form eye-catching video recipes to feature in the social activity – these can be seen here.