Activation 'ProMotor ' promo platform

Having extensive experience in the marketing and digital field, working principally with grocery brands, we recognised an opportunity to build digital tools to help brands deliver sales promotions and on-pack promotions more swiftly, effectively and efficiently, across desktop, social and mobile.

The majority of grocery brands are sold on deal, and almost all offer some kind of on-pack promotion at some point in time. Almost all on-pack sales promotions have one of these mechanics

• Prize draw

• Instant win

• Winning moment

And in most cases these promotions use unique codes, or other information contained on the pack (such as production batch codes/time codes).

Since 2011, we have been developing and enhancing a core platform and our ‘digital sales promotion engine’ to help deliver and support on-pack promotions, which performs the following functions – we call it ‘ProMotor’

We have used the platform to support a number of high profile campaigns, but also – and just as importantly – to help smaller brands capitalise on the benefit of running promotions digitally.

We are continuing to develop the platform to carry out different types of promotion, include new functionality and to work across emerging devices and technology.

A big area for our focus will be making the platform more mobile specific in future, and looking at ways to more closely integrate the platform into other environments, such as in store via Kiosk, NFC and Augmented Reality applications.

As far as we know, we are the only UK company to specialise in this area and invest in R&D around a platform to support this kind of activity.