Us... We Are Attention Seekers!

Back in the day, we were known purely as a digital agency for grocery brands. Way back when we all thought brand websites were really important and Facebook had ‘Like gates’.

Over time, things have changed. Particularly in grocery, where you couldn’t be just ‘digital’ anymore.  Consumers started moving seamlessly between online and offline throughout their shopper journey, almost without noticing – and, even now, most consumers (73% believe it or not) use multiple channels during their shopping journey.

So, in 2019, we repositioned ourselves – Activation 2.0 if you like. Still with digital at our heart – but looking at the whole journey, activating all touchpoints from the channel right up to the shelf – with the ability to create great work across digital, shopper and sales promotion.

This end-to-end approach definitely works, but competition for shoppers’ attention has never been fiercer.

People see up to 10,000 messages every day. We pick up our phones up to 80 times (probably more if we’re honest). We spend 1.7 seconds on each social media ad, 3.5 seconds on a 6 sheet poster, and 3 to 5 seconds looking at each product on a supermarket shelf.

It’s in these tiny moments that we have to understand and then meet what the consumer really needs.

To win attention, brands have to stand out against the noise. You need to get noticed, be relevant.  You need to work harder to stand out. To start with attention as the intention.

We’ve learnt about attention and how important it is. And more importantly, how to turn it to your advantage across the whole shopper journey.  Not just ‘matching luggage’, but matching the messaging and prompts to where and when the consumer sees it.

So now we’re changing again; a new focus, a new narrative, and a new way of doing things. Starting today with our brand spanking new ‘Attention Seekers’ manifesto… we’re loud and proud, creating work that’s bold, brave and most importantly, never boring.

So when your brand needs to stand out, win hearts, turn heads, and change habits – you need Attention Seekers. You need Activation.

Thanks for your attention.