Can you solve the Bahlsen #biscuitcase?

‘It’s not just a biscuit, it’s a Bahlsen’
Can you unlock the clues to solve the #biscuitcase?

We are delighted to launch a new digital campaign for premium German biscuit brand, Bahlsen, supporting their debut TV campaign celebrating one of their leading biscuit brands; Choco Leibniz.

Tasked with a brief which explores ‘The Power of Distraction’ and to dial up the premium nature of the brand, we wanted to deliver a digital concept that would educate as well as mirror the luxurious, timeless, European setting of the murder mystery creative of the TV advert.

The TVC is centred around 6 central characters, with 6 different motives and depicts the biscuits’ power of distraction through a murder mystery production.  Using the strapline ‘It’s not just a biscuit. It’s a Bahlsen,’ the narrative brings to life the fact that Bahlsen biscuits are simply a cut above the rest.

Bahlsen Inpage

Biscuit Case campaign site – Who was it?

The digital campaign centres around an opulent campaign microsite ,which builds on the TV creative.  The site invites the audience into a rich experience where they can explore and unpick the clues to discover ‘whodunit’ and decide who was the ultimate guilty party.  Navigating through a series of character stories, clues and murder methods the audience tasked with voting on the ‘guiltometer’ as to who they think did it – as long as they are not distracted by the delicious Choco Leibniz biscuits!

The creative encapsulates the indulgent nature of the TV ad; with beautiful, rich imagery and a premium feel throughout, as well as continually threading through the heritage and overall brand story.

To complete the overall experience, we have teamed up with a luxury prize partner; St Moritz Spa Hotel in Cornwall to offer a exceptional prize package and also the opportunity to win a years’ supply of Choco Leibniz biscuits for those who succumb to the distraction power of the Choco Leibniz Biscuit.

Social messaging and amplification campaign

The microsite is supported by a social messaging and amplification campaign across the Bahlsen Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, which aligns with the premium TV slots, and a focussed influencer and consumer PR campaign which dials up the #biscuitcase hashtag and directs the audience back to

The result = a truly integrated campaign which spans across broadcast, digital, social and print to bring home the message that ‘It’s not just a biscuit, it’s a Bahlsen.’

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