Branston Please the Cheese

We all love cheese. But what does cheese love? CHEESE loves BRANSTON…

In fact, cheese worships Branston!

To please the cheese (and tie in with the new brand campaign), we’ve just launched a fresh new look for the Branston website, created to bring ‘Please the Cheese’ and all it’s cheese-loving wonderfulness to life!

The new work is an immersive, interactive and engaging experience around the campaign and its wonderful cheese characters. The homepage leads with the campaign creative, gathering the characters around a jar of precious pickle, and the tv advert itself is viewable by scrolling further down the page.

Building on this further, the ‘Meet the cheeses’ section profiles the key characters from the campaign. Cheddar, Brie, Stilton, Lancashire and Edam each have personal pages, and more cheese characters appear throughout the site in unexpected places to add to the personality and the charm of the experience.

The manifesto further amplifies the campaign creative, and reinforces that RICH, TANGY FLAVOUR of Branston perfectly complements the insanely moreish qualities of cheese and lifts it to another level.

So remember, give cheese what it craves… Please the cheese; Bring out the Branston!

Meet the characters and see the work here


Branston animated 6 sheet
Using the cheese character animations we created alongside the campaign key visual, this work invites shoppers to ‘Please the Cheese’ and Bring out the Branston. The creative will appear on 6 sheets outside retailers across the country.