Branston social recipe videos

Our brief was to create 3 inspiring short videos for social, for Branston to showcase how to use Branston Pickle in both traditional and innovative ways.

Our solution was to create 3 top down, ‘tasty style’ videos to bring each recipe to life.


The videos were all shot in one day on location at an amazing residential kitchen. Edited together to give them their unmistakable style. Fast cuts. Changes in pace. Graphics overlaid and elements of stop frame animation all combine to make them dynamic pieces of content, ready to be used across the various Branston social channels.

We worked with our favourite food stylist, the very talented Genevieve Taylor, who did an amazing job of ensuring the food looked delicious.



Once finalised they were supplied to the client for use both internally and externally on their website and social channels.

First up was the classic Cheese & Pickle sandwich. Then some delicious oven baked chicken. And finally a twist on the traditional Bolognese recipe.


To see more of our content creation, visit our YouTube channel