Charlie Bigham's shopper activation

We’re thrilled to see our recent in-store work for Charlie Bigham’s being rolled out across a select number of Waitrose stores to drive shoppers’ attention to their delicious range of quality meals and puddings.

It was quite a unique brief, designing a mega double bay installation in Waitrose, and working closely with the brand team, we created an impactful installation that used simple, clear brand and range cues and messaging across the fixture.

Charlie Bigham's in store media | We Are Activation

The creative consisted of aisle fins at the outer edges of the fixture to really frame the shelving.  Large header boxes were placed on the top shelf and delivered the ‘Freshly prepared by Charlie Bigham’s messaging’. Further creative ran along the front of the chiller, delivering the benefit of ‘Let Charlie make dinner tonight’. Branded shelf edge stripping completed the takeover, and tied the fixture together into a cohesive, standout piece of instore theatre.

Charlie Bigham's | mega double bay installation in Waitrose | We Are Activation

It’s great to see retailers joining with brands to deliver this type of in-store execution and partnership that will grow value for both the brand and the retailer, working together to attract new shoppers to the brand.