Cheese & Pickle - What could you do with it?

What could you make with a 12 month’s supply of Branston Pickle and Pilgrims Choice cheese?

Answers are; 1 huge 30ft pizza, 672 Cheese & Pickle bean burgers and a massive 10 stone burger, amongst other things…

Activation were tasked with coming up with a digital activation idea to support an on-pack promotion between Pilgrims Choice Cheese and Branston Pickle. The two family favourite brands have linked up to celebrate the classic cheese & pickle flavour combination, to seek to build further engagement and brand affinity, for both brands.

Our digital campaign idea needed to drive relevance, broaden the usage occasion and inspire through different recipe creations. Through this was born – a campaign that takes a deeper dive into the joined up world of Cheese & Pickle!

Through a simple entry mechanic which asks consumers to upload photo of their purchase receipt, users were entered into a competition to win a year’s supply of both products.

This was an opportunity to educate the consumer through recipe discovery and surprise – and exploring all the weird and wonderful things that you could make with a 12 month supply of Cheese & Pickle!


Tempting Cheese & Pickle recipe films

As part of the campaign we created x 6 short ‘how to’ recipe videos which showed imaginative ways to use both products as part of your cooking repertoire. Cheese & Pickle Pizza, or Cheese & Pickle Mac & Cheese anyone?

The campaign runs until the end of the year, and we look forward to seeing what Cheese & Pickle creations the winner comes up with!