Cleaning up with Jeyes Fluid on Facebook

We’re hoping to clean up with our most recent Facebook profile to activate the well-known outdoor cleaning brand, Jeyes Fluid, giving the brand the perfect platform to connect with consumers, and involve them with their product, and tell the range and occasion story.

Jeyes Fluid has a range of specialist outdoor cleaning products and Facebook provides a unique opportunity to connect with consumers around the key usage occasions of outdoor cleaning such as springtime and barbecue season.

An exclusive Facebook promotion to ‘Win a Trug’ packed full of Jeyes Fluid products has been developed to drive viral pick up in promotional communities, and increasing Jeyes’ Facebook following

To build engagement, consumers can sign up for the ‘Testing Panel’ to receive and review Jeyes products, with reviews being uploaded back to the Facebook app. In addition to these there are regular offers and prize draws on the Jeyes Fluid Facebook page.

The Facebook profile also features regular ‘Monthly Tips’ to help maintain their garden, and information about the Jeyes Fluid product range

Click here to view Jeyes Fluid on Facebook.