Our new proposition: Create ideas, not noise

Why ideas, not noise, will win the battle for attention.

It’s noisy out there. Brands are constantly bombarding us with messages and advertisements every day, from the moment our phone screens light up in the morning to that last TikTok you see before bed.

These ‘comms’ are overwhelming, forgettable, and often ignored. 

But what if you had a secret weapon that would make you stand out from the clatter and get noticed in the moments that matter, by the people that matter?

That secret weapon is creativity. Our rallying agency cry is ‘Create ideas, not noise’ …and we know we’re onto a winner. Here we’ll share why and how brands can cut through and win hearts and minds more efficiently and more effectively. Because creativity isn’t a luxury, it’s a lifeline.

Don’t just take our word for it

(Source: Kantar Link database and WARC ROI database)

The Kantar and WARC chart above (visualised by the excellent Dan White smartmarketing.me) shows that creative and effective ads generate more
than four times as much profit. The more creative your work, the higher your ROI. The evidence is strong, but all too often ideas get lost in the cacophony of the marketing mix.


How do we ‘Create ideas, not noise’?

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Audiences are already overwhelmed, so choosing one well-crafted clear message with good production values is key. 

(One standout line can really add value and inspire audiences to take action)

Meaningful Engagement:

What problem are you solving for your audience? Far better to offer them an idea that is deeply tied into the product benefit and offers useful solutions and meaningful interactions, than irrelevant prizes or generic rewards.

(Benecol’s idea offered its audience a reward based on the product benefit )


Innovative Thinking:

Prioritize creativity and originality. Unique perspectives and innovative solutions stand out from the typical noise of repetitive and uninspired content. 

(Our Ocean Spray ‘unfluencer’ campaign turned a common TikTok convention on its head)


Ideas should be based on a product truth, building trust and credibility with your audience. Connect emotionally – consumers are human.

(The Tilda Ta-Daa idea was born from the genuine truth that Ready to heat rice pouches can transform a meal in moments.) 

The WOW factor:

Impactful ideas have the power to stay with people, influencing their thoughts and actions long after the initial engagement. 

(Creative positioning has taken Charlie Bighams from small shelf player to aisle show-stopper)

So how do we up our game in shopper journey marketing?

Ideas are nothing without the right planning and engagement. There are several ways we have learnt to galvanise creative ideas to ensure they land with clients and consumers alike. 

Master your content strategy

Having a plan for high-quality, well-researched and structured content that addresses the needs and interests of the audience is a game-changer. Using storytelling to convey messages that are both memorable and relatable helps close the loop from consideration to purchase.

Get innovative

The best creative marketing campaigns highlight innovative ideas and solutions and utilise various touchpoints— social media, POS, OOH —to connect with audiences at every point on the shopper journey. And trailblazing shopper marketing agencies are tearing up the rule book for POS – looking at the whole journey in a surprising and different way.

Take a Customer-Centric Approach

Engaging with customers actively, listening to their feedback, and incorporating their insights into content adds real value to peoples’ lives.

Work across the moments that matter

We plan and execute across the whole shopper journey, not in isolation, winning hearts and minds before the store – so that we win sales in the store.   

And so…

At the start of this year, we had an a-ha moment. Attention seeking is what we do, but how we do it is just as important. That’s where our new mantra comes from. ‘Create ideas, not noise’ is our commitment to making more creative activations. It’s about asking ourselves whether there’s an idea at the heart of everything we’re doing, that enhances the brand and connects with its audience. And the reason behind all this? Creativity works. Engaging campaigns stand out. Ideas sell. 

Ready to win the battle for attention with us?