Creating the Meow Factor for Pet's Choice

Webbox Naturals needed a targeted and impactful shopper campaign to grab attention in store and encourage more shoppers to choose their high quality cat food over a crowd of competitors. 

Webbox Naturals is a delicious cat food made with natural ingredients but at an affordable price, compared to many other wholesome cat foods on shelf. And it has proven to be so tasty, every pack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you can claim your money back. 

We drew out these fantastic selling points with a fun and eye-catching message – which allowed us to communicate affordable luxury and taste to shoppers.

Introducing …..

We have rolled  this out across multiple shopper POS and digital formats, enabling us to effectively reach shoppers at different points across the shopper journey. 

The digital 6 sheet brings the MEOW factor to the campaign using footage of a mischievous cat playing with the Naturals butterflies to capture shoppers’ attention purrfectly as they walk into the store.


We’re excited to see this campaign go live at Sainsbury’s from 21st February, and get our paws on some Webbox Naturals for our feline friends!