Digital awareness campaign for SlooOW

Disclaimer: This article may cause severe bread cravings and strong snacking tendencies. Read at your own risk (and preferably with a snack on standby).

We’re sooO excited to launch our first digital campaign for SlooOW! 

Based in the Netherlands, SlooOW produces organic, part-baked bread that comes as baguettes, bread rolls, and paninis. 

After a 24+ hour rise time, they’re part-baked in a stone oven by SlooOW (which gives them that gorgeous golden crust) ready for their final bake by shoppers at home, which takes just 12 mins. Think artisanal quality bread, but from the comfort of your own home… 

Tasked to drive awareness and consideration during a key purchase time for the brand at Easter (and again, later this Summer – spoiler alert!), we were entrusted with creating a campaign that showed the fantastic qualities of SlooOW bread, with a special nod to those Easter and Summer occasions. 

Working with our brilliant production partners in a lovely Bristol location (shout out to Adam and Fern!), we captured the fascinating SlooOW process from bakery to table, creating a gorgeous, aspirational video. 

This digital campaign will run across Facebook and YouTube in the run-up to Easter, targeting our core SlooOW audience. Keep your eyes peeled in June when we’ll return for our SlooOW Summer campaign!