Driving trial for Holy Moly dips

We have just launched a new trial-driving on-pack promotion for heavenly Holy Moly dips.

Holy Moly Dips believe in creating delicious dips that taste as good as homemade, with the convenience of a shop-bought product. Since launch the brand has redefined how shop-bought Guacamole tastes.

With a recent increase in distribution and number of SKUs on shelf, driving trial to increase brand penetration is a key objective. We also know that, once tried, shoppers love the product and trial will also lead to repeat usage.

Holy Moly sticker

As part of a wider ‘Tasting is believing’ campaign, Holy Moly wanted to literally put their money where their mouth is and back up their ‘tastes as good as homemade’ message. So we set out to drive trial with a confident “Heavenly Taste, or I’m Free” satisfaction guarantee message across the range, executed as an on pack promotion that offers shoppers their money back if they don’t love their dip.

The on pack activation runs across all Holy Moly SKU’s and runs from May to October 2022

See tastingisbelieving.co.uk – the secure claim website is delivered via our ProMotor promotion management platform and claims are handled and fulfilled by our third party insurance partner.

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