Getting disruptive with Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray tasked us with creating a disruptive campaign that would boost brand relevance with a broader target audience. We wanted to stand out and try something different!

Our research showed that while the brand had high prompted awareness, it suffered from low purchase consideration. To change this, we decided to take a surprising and unexpected approach by creating a weird and wonderful attention-seeking campaign that breaks away from what people typically associate with Ocean Spray. 

Our perspective was that we’re all a bit bored of social media beauty influencers pushing all kinds of products and routines on us.  We felt that Ocean Spray buyers would certainly relate to this.  


Why bother with all that craziness when you can just drink Ocean Spray?  That’s the message we’re sending out in a completely different way.  We enlisted the skills of a brilliant actor to help create a series of influencer-style films that demonstrate to people that they don’t need all that nonsense to stay healthy. Just drink the juice!

We believe that the campaign connects with consumers on an emotional level by featuring a relatable character trying her best at being an influencer, tapping into the desire many people have to be a social media star.

To optimise our reach and engagement, we decided to push the creative on TikTok and Instagram where algorithms will help to amplify the campaign’s reach and make it more likely to be seen by a wider audience. 

Overall, we think this campaign is a winner. It’s creative, interesting, and emotionally resonates with viewers. It’s not your normal ad, but that’s what makes it unique. So grab a glass of Ocean Spray and let’s get disruptive!

Actor: Marina Bye
Director: Ben Mallaby
Production: Dan Hirons
Creative: Jon Knight / Charlotte Davidge / Steve Allsopp
Account Management: Katie Cutts