Grab It OOH & Digital Campaign

This autumn, we ran another targeted YouTube advertising campaign to drive awareness and consideration of the Grab It brand. Our brief was to increase rotation in existing stockists, whilst communicating the core product benefits.

Grab It mixes innovative flavours with healthier snacking qualities, such as high protein and low fat, and the unique ‘on a stick’ format clearly communicates on-the-go convenience – easy, guilt-free nutrition and great taste!

Our strategy was to get regular meat snack purchasers aged 25-44, to become regular Grab It buyers by increasing Grab It awareness and consideration, using an always on plan of activities that communicate our key messages of taste and quality.

The activity included a Youtube campaign, an influencer campaign and geo-targeted social and OOH targeting core audience near Iceland stores in Scotland.

Grab It - Iceland

Youtube Campaign

A dynamic, 10 second, skippable in stream ad landed our core campaign message of ‘Tear it, Taste It, Love It, Grab It’ in the first 5 seconds, before going on to deliver further brand and product messaging around taste and quality.

We used a rhythmic soundtrack alongside a characterful & engaging Scottish voiceover to make the creative fun, catchy and memorable in users minds.

The campaign ran for 3 weeks, targeted male and females aged between 25 and 44, and delivered over 3.2 million impressions and 1.4 million views.

Grab It - Iceland Facebook Geo advertising

Influencer campaign

Using the Tribe platform we briefed influencers to create content using Grab It products to help raise awareness of the brand. They were asked to emphasise the amazing flavours and the quality of the products; being made from succulent 100% whole chicken breast pieces!

The total reach of our influencers was over 450,000 followers.

GEO Social & OOH Activity

To promote a new trial listing in Iceland stores in Scotland, a dedicated campaign was created to promote Grab It around those stores using a combination of OOH and online geo-marketing.

The Social geo campaign targeted the core audience in key locations around Iceland Stores with a rich 6’ social creative advertising over a 2 week period.

The OOH consisted of bright and dynamic phone box poster creative within 500m proximity to Iceland store.