Grab It YouTube ad campaign

The next stage of the Grab It wider brand launch kicked off this week, with a targeted YouTube advertising campaign to raise awareness of the Grab It brand and communicate the key product benefits. 

Our insights showed that the Grab It core audience are looking for healthier snacks that containing nutritious and natural ingredients, whilst still being tasty – these twin desires of indulgence and trying to be healthy are a constant battle but this is where Grab It can help!

Grab It mixes innovative flavours with healthier snacking qualities, such as high protein and low fat, and the unique ‘on a stick’ format clearly communicates on-the-go convenience – easy, guilt-free nutrition and great taste! 

Delivered as a series of three sequentially delivered ads, our problem / solution ‘Craving Saving’ concept hits this head-on, delivering the key messages of taste and health whilst showcasing the new bold and bright brand identity in a fun and playful way – with the ‘chicken on a stick’ being the hero that’s saving your craving.

The YouTube campaign follows the recently launched a new brand website for Grab It to support their full rebrand with new identity and packaging –