Gressingham micro-occasions

Here’s our first brand campaign for Gressingham Duck; a winter campaign focused on driving awareness and giving the brand an ‘everyday luxury’ context.

Our challenge was driving consideration of duck as an end of week, at home, mealtime choice.

Insights we created identified that Gressingham’s foodie audience would be regularly accessing recipe content on YouTube, and that the bigger occasions for duck were towards the weekend.  From this, we developed a YouTube campaign targeting our audience on Thursdays through to Sundays, over 4 consecutive weekends.

We identified that cooking duck at home is easy and isn’t only for bigger, special occasions in the calendar year, but that duck is also perfect for those smaller, everyday micro-occasions, whether it be a well-deserved end-of-the-week treat or a Saturday night ‘date night’ – all moments made for duck!

The 10-15 second video creatives bring Gressingham’s top-performing recipes to the fore and attaches these to everyday relatable ‘micro-occasions’.  The story builds by slowly panning across delicious recipe photography and highlights an everyday ‘evening’, ‘a night’, or ‘a moment’ made for duck, with a call to action encouraging users to click through to the website for recipes.

The campaign runs for 4 weeks from 23rd January, so keep your eyes peeled…