Herta.co.uk - The Home of the Hotdog!

Surely, almost everybody loves a Hot Dog! Which is why we were delighted when Nestlé tasked us with their digital brief for the UK’s most popular Frankfurter-brand, HERTA®.

Kicking off with the launch of the new HERTA® web site, we’ve bought the hot dog occasions to life in a unique, vibrant and really special way. The use of illustration plays to the brand’s a playful personality, whist allowing us to truly land the numerous eating occasions where hot dogs may take centre stage.

HERTA® homepage

As well as product information, nutritional information and information about the HERTA® Quality commitment, the site gives ideas on the best occasions and exciting serving suggestions and tips from HERTA®

HERTA® tips page

It’s all delivered in a neat way, ’popping-up’ content as the consumer navigates the site, adding to the sense of discovery and the overall unique experience.

The new site will be an important backdrop for HERTA’s 2014 plans, and consumers can expect to see some exiting initiatives coming along in the near future…

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The site sits on the Umbraco CMS, with technical development being carried out by our partners at Gibe

See the new website at www.herta.co.uk