Keeping it real with social

There’s a growing trend on social platforms of rejecting brand content that comes across as too polished. 

Users are quick to recognise corporate-looking or big brands’ posts. Overly staged content and corporate aesthetics stick out like a sore thumb in people’s feeds and will be disregarded as an ad to be quickly scrolled past.  

Honest and ‘platform-native’ feeling content is the best way to connect with users and first-person stories are always better received.  With this in mind, we have adopted a new approach to creating everyday social content for a few of our clients

Land the message early, brand early and often

The old rules still apply – land the message early, brand early and often, etc, but we’re doing this in a more authentic way that feels more native, more relatable and fits seamlessly into social feeds. by producing real-life social content with influencer-style videos; shot ‘lo-fi’ – on a phone, handheld. 

Build memory structures over time
We’re also using this everyday social content t0 build brand awareness by creating plans that use ‘always on’ social content to reach larger audiences to build memory structures over time – creating an ‘always On’ advertising approach will reach as many of the shoppers in that brand’s category as possible.  

However, for many brands, ‘always on’ advertising can be an unrealistic ambition.  But, in contrast, all-too-often organic social generates very little organic reach, so why not make this content have a purpose by using richer, well made and purpose-built organic content as always-on paid content as part of a reach plan?

This is a fresh approach that we are taking for clients like Ocean Spray and KOKO – a great way to build stronger connections and refresh the brands’ stories with their shoppers!