Koko Geo Campaign

In November, Koko – a leading brand in the dairy-free alternatives sector –  launched two new products in Morrisons stores and we were briefed to help them drive awareness of these new products – Greek Style and Plain Unsweetened yogurt alternative.

To help drive awareness and support the online retailer activity we proposed a social geo marketing campaign that targeted their core female audience with specific lifestyle and diet interests, who are in proximity to their top performing Morrisons stores where these products were stocked. 

As we can’t refer to the products as yogurt, we introduced ‘New Plant-based Yogurtyness’ using an engaging animation using the bright and playful brand character.  The 10 second ad zoomed in the key breakfast occasion and highlighted taste appeal through delicious photography, showing shoppers how they can use these new products to create super plant-based breakfasts.

Delivered as a geo campaign over Facebook and Instagram, the campaign launched on 14th November and ran for a two week period, with a plan to reach over a million targeted consumers in proximity to targeted Morrisons stores, whilst also driving traffic directly to the two products on the Morrisons website.