Koko Try Me Free Activation

Koko challenged us to help drive trial of their Original and Unsweetened Milk and their Plain Yogurt alternatives in a highly competitive category where Oat alternative milks are dominating.

In the dairy alternative category, preferences are not yet fully formed with new shoppers entering the category, so we needed to encourage trial by de-risking the purchase of Koko and standing out vs noisier or more well-known competitors.

Our on pack Try Me & Love Me activation presented shoppers with an additional, motivating reason to consider trying Koko by removing barriers to purchase. If they didn’t love the product, they had the option to claim their money back by visiting kokomoneyback.com and uploading their receipt as proof of purchase.

Our onpack design was bright and vibrant with simple but impactful messaging. ‘Try Me & Love Me or I’m Free’  was designed to catch the eye of the shoppers and create stand out on shelf.

To support the in-store Try Me & Love Me activation, there is a ‘Koko Lovers’ social campaign helping to create awareness of the promotion and encouraging people to trial the products.

We reached out to existing Koko shoppers, asking them to share why they love Koko. We then created short animations using their testimonials to enrich the Try me & Love me story and the authenticity of the brand. We will be using a reach and frequency approach with the social campaign running for 2 weeks targeting Koko’s core audience.

The Try Me & Love Me promotion is  live in stores until 8th May 2022 so keep your eyes peeled and give a plant a chance!