Launching NPD for Ocean Spray

We have been helping Ocean Spray launch their NPD, an entirely new cranberry drink called Wholeberry.

Our fully integrated campaign started with a 30 second advert created specifically for YouTube, and the option to use on broadcast TV.  Shot in the summer, we developed a creative route that had an arresting 5 second start that highlighted the new news (for YouTube), and then a clear narrative that called out the key product benefits.  The concept, storyboard and ad production was handled via our creative and content teams.



Alongside the TV advert, we developed a full press campaign, using the model from the film and the line ‘All the berry, all the goodness’,  The press creative aligned with the brand’s global ‘faces’ campaign, and in testing our advert was proven to encourage most consumers (> 80%) to try Ocean Spray Wholeberry.

Ocean Spray - Wholeberry press advert

A significant social advertising campaign has also supported the launch of Wholeberry, using rich Facebook ads, targeting key audiences via Facebook, and aligning to the retailer listings and promotional plan.

Ocean Spray - FacebCarousel

Finally, we ran a test with the Shopmium platform to drive trial in retailers via the Shopmium mobile discovery app.

The campaign is ongoing – to date the YouTube advert has seen over 2.5 million impressions and 270,000 views.

Update – the campaign generated 20% lift in brand awareness – Click here to read the full case study