Lindt Gold Bunny promotion - The Hunt is on!

Introducing our latest gorgeous campaign website to support Lindt Gold Bunny’s first ever on-pack promotion.

The campaign site gives consumers the chance to Win a ’24-carrot Gold Holiday’ by entering a unique code found on stickers on millions of special packs, and is a fabulous balance of creativity and technology – designed to work across desktop and tablet devices, whilst delivering the kind of fun, engaging and rich experience you’d expect from Lindt Gold Bunny.

This website features information about the Win a ’24-carrot Gold Holiday’ promotion, and how to enter using the on-pack codes. It also checks that the unique codes and entries are valid, and entries are in line with the promotion terms and conditions.

The campaign runs until Easter 2013, and codes can be found on special packs of Lindt Gold Bunny.

The promotion was developed by promotional marketing agency, Toucan, with our support as their digital partner.

To view the site click here