Movenpick Ice Cream - 10 days of Christmas

During the run up to Christmas we launched a social media campaign for Mövenpick Ice Cream. The campaign beautifully tied together three key themes – Christmas, nostalgic memories and Mövenpick’s 10 favourite ice cream flavours.

We designed individual mood boards for 10 different ice cream flavours and asked Mövenpick ‘s Facebook fans to answer questions relating to each mood boards.

Questions included:

• Where in the world would you pick to enjoy a scoop of Maple Walnut Ice Cream?

• Tag a lucky friend or family member who you would choose to share a tub of Strawberry Ice Cream with and why?

• Which Christmas cocktail would you create with our Raspberry & Strawberry Sorbet?

The Facebook page was inundated with Mövenpick fans sharing personal memories, experiences with random daily winners received a free tub of their favourite ice cream.