New Covent Garden Soup 'Interactive Film' site

Fresh from our creative desks at Activation, this new campaign site uses digital to do what it does best – bring offline to life, online.

Building on the new TV campaign (on air 5 November) – which features a fresh soup order being taken, soup created in the New Covent Garden Soup kitchens, and fired to 10 Tulip Drive in a huge medieval trebuchet – the site lets the consumer order their soup, fire the trebuchet and have it sent down their street – digitally at least… using a version of the TV advertisement married with personalised elements from Google maps & street view.

Winning-moment promotion
The site features a ‘winning moment’ promotional mechanic, with two winners being selected each day to instantly win a fabulous Christmas veg box. Those that don’t win instantly can also enter a free prize draw for a second chance to win at the end of the promotion.

Sharing driven via Facebook and email
Social sharing includes sharing via Twitter, Facebook and email

The campaign runs from 5 November to 10 December 2012, and is promoted across TV and web, the ‘Win a Festive’ Veg box promotion was developed by Toucan, with our support as their digital partner.

To view the site on desktop or mobile, visit –