Pieminister 'The Summer of Luck' instant-win promotion

For first day of Glastonbury festival 2013, we’re super excited to announce the launch of ‘The Summer of Luck’ promotion for award-winning pie makers, pieminister.

The promotion runs for 100 days (26 June to 3 October 2013). With every pieminister pie sold during this period (through pieminister shops, market and festival stalls, supermarkets and participating independent retailers) consumers are given a card with their unique entry code.

‘The Summer of Luck’ uses Activation’s ‘Winning moment’ mechanic and code entry platform, with 15 prizes per day to be won over the 100 days. Each card also has a 50p or €0.50 off coupon so in that sense everyone’s a winner!

Mobile-ready, responsive ‘The Summer of Luck’ promotion website

What started as a simple in-pack ‘scratch card’ idea evolved into a digital activated promotion that had the added benefits of datacapture wherever the consumer may be, and social share functions.

As a large number of the cards will be dished out at festivals and events, the site is built to be fully responsive so people can enter wherever they are – on any mobile handset, tablet or desktop via www.pieminister.co.uk/win

As well as the promotion entry, using the digital route also allows pieminister to drive additional benefits; the data capture form will identify where people got their codes and consumers can choose to be added into Pieminister’s CRM database, the VIPie club.

‘We are delighted to be working on this project with pieminister – like us, they are a leading Bristol business that flies the flag for the brilliance of the city we live in, with a wonderful brand, great ethics and truly delicious products – the team here are true fans, so it has been a labour of love, really!’ comments Matt Ramsay.

Jon Simon Managing Director at pieminister added, ‘When Activation suggested they could ‘digitise’ our campaign, we saw the benefits immediately. It’s now a wonderful cross-platform activity, which is a first for us, and also means we can connect with our pie fans wherever they are, at a festival, in a store, just about anywhere!

To view the site go to – www.pieminister.co.uk/win