Pork Farms Summer Digital Campaign

We’re super excited to announce the launch of the new (and our first!) campaign for Pork Farms.

We were briefed to drive awareness and consideration for Pork Farms across the important summer period, with a particular focus on Tesco.

It’s a brand that many people know, but one they don’t often think about. So with this in mind, we needed to put Pork Farms back on shoppers’ radar.

Our goal was to drive consideration and increase sales by linking our advertising to price promotions in-store. We did this by reminding consumers of the brand’s delicious pork pies and the prime occasions in which to eat them.

Armed with the insight that pork pies are a tasty, timeless comfort food that’ll both cheer people up and fill them up, we came up with a creative platform called ‘Get that Summer Filling’.

For the ad, we shot and created a playful stop-frame animation, where a Pork Farms pork pie unravels to reveal a summery, kaleidoscopic animation. This surrounds the pie as if unwrapping it has released the ‘Summer Filling’ that’s been held within.

The high-reach digital campaign will run across Facebook and YouTube throughout the summer, targeting our core Pork Farms audience.