Promo Review - Clipper Teas 100,000 Magical prizes

Sit back, enjoy a cup of Clipper tea and be in with a chance of winning 100,000 of magical prizes ranging from tea sets to hotel retreats away!

This campaign couldn’t be simpler to enter. All you have to do is pick up a pack of Clipper teabags, and then enter your unique code online and find out instantly if you have won one of a range of prizes. If you haven’t won, there’s a chance to win more prizes with the online tea spinner – this requires no code and you can enter every day.

First things first, we LOVE the creative and the Clipper brand. We can’t help but think, though, that the promotion would be even more appealing if the ‘tea spinner’ game was the main device used to win prizes, rather than it being the game you play after entering the promotion. The tea spinner is fun, engaing and interactive and would give consumers a better overall experience than in the a simpler ‘enter to win’ data capture form.

Lovely campaign, with all the best ingredients – lots of prizes, instant win and great creative execution.


  • Very easy to find the promotional url, instructions and unique code
  • There are two separate games to be played. One requires a code, the other requires no code – it’s just for fun!
  • The data capture form is very minimalistic, allowing very easy entry
  • All prizes are showcased in detail before consumers enter their chance to win


  • For such a fun and colourful brand, the exection could be more interactive/involving.
  • No mobile version – we would expect at least 30% of the traffic to arrive on a mobile.
  • It capitalises on keeping users engaged on the page, but the most fun happens after consumers have already entered the promotion