Promo Review - Dodge & Ron Burgundy

Our first promo review case study is actually only open to US residents, but as we’re all such massive fans of Ron Burgundy here at Activation, we thought we’d review it anyway…

A great looking promotion, but a little boring after a while.

So how does it work? With the focus on comedy, the promotion is hosted on, a popular American humour website. The idea is that whoever ‘touches’ Ron for the longest, wins a Dodge Durango truck.

To prevent the user from employing the use of a desk object to hold the mouse down (we tried a stapler!), and to prevent any robots from entering, the fully-bled image of Ron changes, and the ‘touch’ spots change position.

To keep things interesting, there are also mini-games within the main game, which are a neat touch. The promotion looks great and feels very rich. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and cleverly encourages the user to really look at the images of the Ron, and more importantly, the Dodge trucks, because there is quite simply nothing else to do!