Promo Review - Lucozade YES Project

This week’s promo review takes a closer look at Lucozade’s ‘YES Project’; a daily prize draw promotion, ‘bringing you amazing prizes every day, 365 days a year’

Great website and good entry experience, but what exactly is the ‘YES Project’?

Each promotional bottle of Lucozade carries a unique code. To access the code, the consumer needs to remove the plastic sleeve wrapped around the plastic bottle (make sure the lid is on when this is done!).

Once the code is obtained, the user needs to go to and enter the code, which will enter the consumer into the daily prize draw. This is a basic data capture procedure, but it has been designed and built very well. It feels very clean, simple and without any glitches. Works well on mobile, too – which is necessary for a largely impulse product.

Once the entry process is complete, the entrant is then invited to enter the ‘ULTIMATE YES’, which this month, included 1x prize of a Sony XperiaTM Z1 smartphone. Once that has been entered, the entrant could then receive a bonus entry by sharing the promotion on Facebook.


  • Great responsive website
  • Easy entry process
  • Quality partnership & prizes
  • Share on Facebook for a bonus entry
  • Enter on mobile


  • Not enough information on what the ‘YES Project’ actually is
  • Confusion between dates on-pack and in the T&Cs
  • A daily immediate ‘instant win’ would have been more exciting