Sarson's Craftsmanship campaign

Did you know that Sarson’s have been producing their vinegar using the same traditional methods for over 200 years?

Made with the best quality British ingredients, such as malted barley from Norfolk and water sourced from the Lake District, the vinegar is allowed to mature for seven times longer than most of the other vinegars in the market (for a full week compared to 24 hours).

Craftsmanship story
We were tasked with bringing this fascinating Craftsmanship story to life via their website as part of a wider, integrated brand campaign.  To tell the story, we created a dedicated Craftsmanship section on the Sarson’s website which included the new campaign creative (with a subtle animation twist), the Sarson’s story, the malting process and the ‘behind the scenes’ factory videos.


Jimmy Doherty
As part of the campaign, Sarson’s partnered with farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty to help tell their craftsmanship story.  We created a content hub to showcase all aspects of the Jimmy Doherty campaign into one section of the site, which featured three unique vinegar recipes created by Jimmy, press coverage generated during the campaign and all the information surrounding the partnership.

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