Sarson’s Pickle in 15

We were briefed to launch the introduction of a NPD, Pickle in 15 Minutes, for Sarson’s Vinegar. The new vinegar blend allows consumers to liven up their meals with a delicious vinegar kick, all in 15 minutes! Our task was to create a central hub for the Pickle in 15 Minute product, giving consumers advice and tips on how best to use the vinegar via simple guides and beautiful illustrations.

We were lucky enough to take part in a pickling tasting session to influence which recipes would be created. This included trying different cuts of raw vegetables that had been covered by the vinegar blend (as different cuts take on different amounts of flavour) as well as trying elements of dishes soaked in the blend (such as steak and a very tasty sea bass). Following the session, Great British Chefs created a number of fantastic recipes, which are now all featured on the website.