SlimFast brand website

We were briefed by SlimFast to improve their very popular brand website, with the aim of making it simpler, more focused and easier to use.  We started the task by mapping out a new homepage architecture – focusing on key user tasks, and following this approach through key page templates.

Our first challenge was to introduce SlimFast’s new Advanced Vitality range making sure it sat as part of the current range but had a clear point of difference.  We achieved this by creating a top-level products landing page and new homepage carousels.

To drive visitors hit their weight loss goals a new feature block was added to each page enabling users to set their weight loss goals based on a target weight or date. Having seen what they could achieve users are then directed to visit the plans or products.

The focus of the homepage has been updated so visitors immediately choose to select a SlimFast Plan or see the products, and the page has been brought to life with a new video background taken from the brand’s latest TVC.

Teamed with new global navigation, reworked success stories and community pages we’ve helped make simple, doable weight loss even more simple!

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