SlooOw Monthly Social Content

We’re super excited to be working with SlooOW, a brand of the Pandricks Group that believe in bread that tastes like real bread.

SlooOW specialises in organic, part-baked bread, ranging from bread rolls to baguettes and paninis. They’re made with only the best ingredients and developed over long periods of time to give the most delicious crispy crust.

Already popular in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, they’ve now ventured into UK and Ireland supermarkets.

SlooOW has enlisted us to create monthly content calendars where our strategy is to build awareness of the brand within the UK and Ireland. As part of this strategy, we’re following an always-on approach, creating a series of organic posts and rich animated posts for our paid social. We’ve chosen to target broad bread buyers, which along with optimising the frequency, drives awareness and consideration of the brand (therefore purchase intent).

Bakery product activation campaign for SlooOw

Each monthly content calendar dips into the SlooOW brand content pillars along with any relevant seasonal occasions. Take National Afternoon Tea Week in August for example, where we utilise the occasion messaging to drive awareness and consideration of SlooOW products during the festivities.

We also help SlooOW with community management on their Facebook and Instagram pages which has allowed us to engage with their audience directly.

This is only the beginning of our relationship with SlooOW, but we’re so excited to see how it develops and grows over the coming months.