Swizzels Halloween Social Content

We were very excited to work with Swizzels in developing creative ideas for Halloween, reminding consumers that Swizzels are perfect for trick or treating or Halloween parties.

We also considered how we could link Halloween to the ‘Find the Golden Roll’ on pack promotion, currently running on 13 million packs in store.

Playing on the VIP tour that could be won with a promotional pack of Swizzels, we created ‘The Fearsome Factory Tour’.

We know everyone is fascinated by the tour of the Swizzels Factory, and with ‘Inside the Factory’ being such a success, we decided to show everyone the spooky goings on in the fearsome factory at Halloween!

Short form videos on social media show the factory staff making sweets dressed as mummies and zombies, ghosts of Mr Swizzels ancestors float around and skeletons work on the line. Cobwebs and slime cover the factory walls, a spooky projection covers the factory entrance, and we remind people Halloween is coming… and Swizzels sweets are what they need!

We created a series of spooky animations, using video footage of the factory, to give Swizzels fans an online VIP tour and see the spooky goings on in the factory.

The excitement and buzz led up to a fantastic trick or treat event for local families where Swizzels lovers could get their hands on sweets ready for Halloween.