Tasty new Haywards Pickles website

This week we’ve launched the tasty new website for Haywards Pickles, Britain’s best loved pickled vegetable brand.  The new site has been created to support the company’s playful rebrand and highlight how Haywards’ products can liven up any dish!

The website brings the brand’s zingy personality to life by arranging products around four unique flavour profiles.  These are delivered by the ‘Tang-O-Meter’, which allows consumers to navigate Haywards’ ranges via their desired tang taste.  These include a Medium & Tangy range, whose products are a bit of tang-twister, or Strong & Zingy, whose products really pack a punch!

Haywards Pickles Website Design

The site is brought to life with the Tang-O-Meter carousel on the homepage, which effortlessly showcases each range via eye-catching animations and colour profiles.  Working closely alongside the Haywards brand team, we designed the site to be a fun, playful, colourful feast for the eyes!