Transform-A-Snack epic adventures!

Join Transform-A-Snack in the greatest adventure in the universe!

For our first brief for Golden Wonder, we’re re-launching their cult classic snack Transform-A-Snack with a mega social campaign that invites consumers to star in their own epic adventure with the brand.

An out-of-this-world adventure with Transform-A-Snack

The campaign is designed to drive awareness and trial of Transform-A-Snack across the UK, by combining the relaunch with the nostalgic memories of growing up with Transform-A-Snack, bought to life through a truly unique campaign that reminds consumers how much fun Transform-A-Snack are.

Our audience are invited to share their own out-of-this-world adventure with Transform-A-Snack by commenting each the Facebook post.  A winning adventure is selected for its creativity and excitement, and each winning story is then drawn by ‘Jim’ll Paint It’ with the winning person illustrated in their unique adventure!   This is shared via social inviting the audience to write the next adventure…


Jim’ll Paint It

To add real wow to the creative, we’ve teamed up with cult Microsoft Paint artist ‘Jim’ll Paint It’ to visualise the exciting adventures submitted by our consumers .  Jim is famous for creating out-of-this-world visualisations of consumers’ ideas.

Socially led campaign, reaching millions

The socially-led campaign launched via Facebook with an initial mega story, and each weekly adventure invites our audience to describe their epic ‘Transform-A-Snack Adventure’ for the chance to win a £1,000 tasty tech bundle, and have their idea immortalised in print by Jim’ll Paint It.

The campaign, which runs from August to October, is delivered via rich full screen mobile video ads from the Golden Wonder Facebook page, and driven by a high reach media plan targeting audiences who love sci-fi and gaming, with supporting activity on Twitter.

We’ve seen fantastic engagement from consumers with the campaign and the idea, and have received some brilliantly creative Transform-A-Snack Adventures…

See the work: