Young's Seafood

When a brand doesn’t have distribution through all the major mults, or has a retailer specific range, targeting specific store consumers beyond the retailer’s own media can be a challenge.

For Funky Fish, a range that is exclusive to ASDA, we used our Young’s Seafood Facebook page to target ASDA shoppers via the social network.

We created a social comms campaign using Facebook posts to highlight the Funky Fish range to ASDA consumers, asking them to comment on our product-themed posts to enter our newsfeed promotions for a chance to win Funky Fish branded goods.

Each Facebook post was boosted out to a carefully targeted audience, specifically targeting our target demographic who also had ASDA as one of their interests.

The results are confidential, but the campaign numbers were impressive, with low costs, high reach and very high engagement. As a test campaign this performed beyond expectation.

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