Integrated Campaign


Everybody loves Bahlsen’s Choco Leibniz once they’ve tried one but few people are aware of the brand or recognise the name. To overcome this we devised a digital concept that educates consumers about the whole Bahlsen range. Creatively we made sure it mirrored the luxurious setting of their current murder mystery TV advert.


Bahlsen enjoys a traditional ABC1 customer base who enjoy ‘the finer things in life’.  So, to effectively support the TV ad, we developed a creative response that was suitably indulgent, with rich imagery and a premium feel throughout. This continually reinforced Bahlsen’s heritage and brand stor


The digital campaign centred around an opulent campaign microsite, inviting the audience deeper into the campaign, exploring character stories, murder methods and deliciously tempting biscuits, unpicking the clues to discover ‘whodunit?’.

This was supported by a social messaging and amplification campaign, promoting the #biscuitcase hashtag and a luxury hotel stay prize incentive.

A digital concept that educates consumers about Choco Leibniz biscuits