Off Pack activation


Let’s be honest, cholesterol is not the sexiest topic in the world, but it is most definitely an important one and often overlooked by consumers. 

So to draw their attention to cholesterol, we were tasked by the lovely folk at Benecol to bring new shoppers to the cholesterol-lowering category by creating an engaging activation.


October is National Cholesterol Awareness Month, a month centred around, you guessed it, raising awareness of the health implications of high cholesterol and, as it turns out, the perfect opportunity to bring in new or lapsed consumers.

Benecol isn’t just a delicious one-off experience or benefit, its positive effect is ongoing and long-term.  So, it was really important that we highlight this in the activation itself, specifically the prize structure. 

Benecol takes care of you every day so you can Live the Benecol Life, so we knew we needed to reinforce this proposition by offering consumers the chance to win a prize that keeps on giving – a whole year of ‘good living’ to be exact, but more on that later!


And the off-pack promotion was born! Introducing Benecol’s “Win a year of good living!”

And what is a year of ‘good living’ may you ask? 

Well, it’s a year-round calendar of healthy and enjoyable experiences for our winners; the little luxuries our consumers may have cut back on during the cost of living crisis. From a year of unlimited cinema to veg box subscription, to house plant gift vouchers, each winner will be gifted one brilliant prize per month, for a whole year! Because much like the Benecol products themselves, this is the prize that keeps on giving!

As this was on off-pack promotion, there was lots of support to help spread the word. Such as various retailer assets (barkers, magazine ads, ATM ads to name a few) as well as lots of engaging content on their well-established social media platforms too.



We’ve had lots of entries, lots of happy winners and lower levels of cholesterol, hopefully! 

Come back in a few months when we can also tell you about the impact on sales too! See ya then!