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Beronia’s current success lies quite significantly in the popularity of their Beronia Reserva. However, due to the nature of the wine (long barrel and bottle ageing) they can’t churn it out on demand and don’t have access to additional volume. Instead, they want the brand to continue to grow over more of their range. The ultimate goal is to increase volume sales in Waitrose and build brand awareness around Beronia Crianza.


-Beronia as a brand grew in volume by 61.9%

-Their price point has since increased, but our Crianza grew by 55.1% to become the second biggest seller in the £8-£10 price bracket. At the time it had 7% of the market share in this price bracket, compared with Campo Viejo’s 62.8%, proving the dominance of Campo Viejo. 


-As an overall category, Rioja as a region grew by 18.8% in volume vs Spain in general which grew by 14.9%. Looking back a year to Q4 2018 vs 2019, growth was essentially flat for both Spain and Rioja.

-I feel the above is evidence that over the initial pandemic consumers turned to brands from regions that were well-established and trusted.


Create an on-pack competition that links to the origins of the wine with supporting social marketing.