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The Branston site serves up inspiration through recipe suggestions and the many usage occasions.  We wanted to re-ignite and celebrate the ‘making’ culture, and champion the love of creating the sandwich as well as offer discovery through new ways to introduce Branston into recipe repertoires.

Our main touchpoints for creative were to communicate this bold and brilliant brand personality, whilst at the same time capturing the classic British sentiment of Branston and reinforce its status as a trusted and unique family favoured brand.

Through a simple navigation, the site explores a clear brand proposition, allowing the user to understand a straightforward distinction between products, and their associated uses.

Through bright, colourful and delicious recipe and product imagery the site really comes to life and offers mouthwatering food inspiration as soon as the users lands on the homepage. Once on the homepage there are several routes in which the audience can explore current live campaigns, see what is going on via the Branston socials and dive straight into delicious recipe exploration.

The website needed to act as one central touchpoint that linked all of the above together and really celebrate Branston as a top UK brand which carries on to continue to make food special.

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