Digital Campaign


The brief from Burts was to dramatically change how their customers interact with the brand online. 

They wanted to up this interaction, as well as increase sales across the South West and London regions. A tough challenge, but one that we loved taking on.


Believe it or not, the ‘hand cooked crisps’ category is pretty packed (pun intended), so we needed to stand out against Burts’ competition. 

That meant getting away from the usual chat about flavour and taste…

Our research showed that our target audience had a real sense of adventure and were keen to explore, especially over summer.

We also found that people tended to snack to alleviate boredom (we’ve all been there, right?!), so if our campaign could get people’s attention (there’s that word again!) when they were bored, we’d be able to really connect with them – which would ultimately get them buying Burts.

We quickly realised we could also easily link  ‘adventure’ with the South West as a destination, directly linking the campaign to the birthplace of Burts. Result.


So the ‘Bags of Adventure’ campaign came to be. Giving people the chance to interact with Burts online in a fresh and exciting way. 

Put simply, we gave people the chance to discover hand picked adventures across the beautiful South West. Something that would appeal both to locals (who are quite rightly proud of their home) and Londoners who were desperate for an adventure outside of the big smoke. 

The Burts website was the hub for the campaign – where a new South West adventure could be found each day – as well as giving the chance to win an adventurous prize.

The look and feel of the campaign was designed to appeal to the most adventurous crisp-eater, with bags of energy and vibrance.

To get people involved, a simple mechanic is crucial and we definitely had that. Each visitor to the site collected a grid reference ‘code’. Each code linked to a totally unique adventure, handpicked from 60. 

There were hidden beaches, off-the-beaten track woodlands, National Trust sites, all sorts. Something for everyone. And of course, many of these places offered the chance to buy Burts Chips out of home. 

Every day there was something exciting to win – with two main prizes on offer; a 3 night stay at Watergate Bay Hotel in Newquay and a one week stay in a holiday cottage in South Devon. As well as several smaller adventure-themed prizes. 

To get the word out there about the campaign, we used highly targeted social and digital media ads – meaning the campaign got in front of all the right people, as often as possible. 


Everyone loves a happy client. And this was a happy client. You can certainly see why! 

The campaign delivered YOY uplift of 11% (an ROI of 4:1). Absolutely smashed it. 

Here’s some more numbers to knock your socks off:

  • It reached over 4.5 MILLION consumers over 8 weeks
  • 13 million display ad impressions
  • We had a 4x the industry average click through rate
  • With a 10x increase in site visits


A digital campaign to really get thumbs stopping and sales growing for Burts.