Fruit Bowl

Digital Campaign


With a new product launching only in Morrisons, Fruit Bowl were looking for a new way to spread the word about the launch of their new Dino Eggs NPD – Yogurt-coated raisins.


Geo-marketing provided a key opportunity for Dino Eggs to reach our target market at the right time and in the right place – reaching targeted consumers in close proximity to a Morrison’s store where the NPD is available.


Our task was to support the launch in Morrison’s stores around the UK, by creating awareness amongst a core target of women aged 30-50.

With a limited distribution in Morrisons, a geo-targeting campaign across Facebook and Instagram provided the opportunity to reach consumers in proximity to 250 individual Morrisons stores where the product is available.

Our creative – designed specifically for performance on social – was made up of a 10-second animation, using cartoon dinosaurs from the packs, panning across the landscape following a bouncing Yogurt Egg making its way into the pack. Our pun-tastic creative also features some fantastic roarrrr-some sound effects.


The successful campaign for the launch of Dino Eggs reached 1.7 million targeted consumers almost three times each over a 2 week period.


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Reaching 1.7 million targeted consumers; women aged 30-50