Grab It

Brand Awareness Campaign


Having launched their new brand identity back in 2021, we needed to continue to communicate the associated messaging for Grab it. For this campaign there was a greater focus on driving reach and engagement as well as driving new occasions like the importance of lunch.


When researching the meat snacker sector, we perceived a 15.7% increase in at-home occasions, with sales moving from urban hubs to residential locations, creating greater lunchtime traffic to local stores. 


The Covid-19 Pandemic has had various effects on the way people buy and eat food, especially during lunchtimes, it was estimated in 2020 by Kantar that over 500 million more meals were being eaten at home every week – the majority of these 500 million meals being lunches and snacks. This rise in at-home lunches is likely to see a continuation with the new adaptation of hybrid working schemes as well as people opting to work from home.


Our key ideas were brought to life with an 8 week digital campaign spanning across Facebook and Youtube. Consisting of bold messaging, bright colours, humorous voiceovers and most importantly loads of lunches! This large scale campaign was also accompanied by regular paid social content, going out each month to keep Grab It prominent in our consumers minds.


  • 2.5 million impressions on YouTube.
  • 5.7 million impressions on Facebook with a Reach of 1.9 million. 

Exceeded targets in all but 1 KPI.