Grab It

Digital Campaign


Having launched their new brand identity back in 2021, Grab It wanted us to grab the baton and keep running with it for 2022. 

This campaign needed to focus on reaching and engaging with more people – as well as talk about how tasty Grab It could be in people’s lunches.


When researching the meat snacking sector, we found that more people were having lunch at home than in the office – meaning they were buying Grab It more in local stores rather than urban areas. 

Since COVID, people’s habits around eating have changed. Kantar estimated that 500 million more meals were being eaten at home. That’s a whole lotta lunches.

A new way of working (and therefore eating lunch!) presented us with what we saw as a huge opportunity.


We created an all singing, all dancing video campaign – full of bold colours, catchy music and hunger-inducing messaging around lunches – all a perfect reflection of Grab It as a brand.

The film ran for 8 weeks across Facebook and YouTube – accompanied by loads of paid content, making sure it got in front of people as often as possible. 

A campaign really designed to get heads turning.


Over 2.5 million impressions on YouTube and over 5.7 million impressions on Facebook speak for themselves.  Overall, we managed to reach nearly 2 million engaged consumers.

A characterful & engaging Scottish voiceover made the creative fun and memorable in people’s minds.