On-pack & shopper


Grant’s came to us with a brief that we were very familiar with having created work for them for the last 2 years. How do we boost sales by increasing the value of buying a bottle?


It was a familiar brief, but we wanted to do anything but the familiar. 

How about a promotion that really got people involved? Something that was entertaining, rather than just an entry form? 

And that’s when we thought about making a game… something that made every entry a bit of fun, with the promise of great prizes at the same time.


So it was decided the latest ‘Triple Chance’ promotion was going to be a game.  

We knew that the audience was crazy about football, so it made sense to build a game around that – something simple that would get people hooked. And what is more British than a good old fashioned penalty shootout?! 

Pick your spot. Take 3 shots. Each goal is an entry. 

Interactive and very addictive, playing the game (and at the same time entering the competition) was something that people wanted to do again and again. 

The game could be found by scanning a QR code on pack or by visiting the website. The promotion website was built on our ProMotor platform which handles everything needed to run a brand’s promotion. 

Our idea reinforced Grant’s ‘triple’ messaging by offering people three chances to win.


We’ve seen sales increases of up to 30% from this campaign over its three year history. Back of the net!