Gressingham Duck



As a critical part of their ongoing journey to get more people cooking with duck, Gressingham tasked us with creating a new website as the starting point of a wider digital push for the brand.


By analysing the previous website data we identified some interesting and actionable key insights around what core audiences wanted from the site, and what content was important for each user type.

For example, Younger visitors are more interested in learning how to cook duck, whilst older users are looking for recipe inspiration, meaning these two areas needed to be a key focus for the new site.

But, both audiences, younger and older, were bound by a common interest, they are all Foodies and Cooking Enthusiasts

We also identified that consumers often had an occasion in mind when thinking about duck, and just as ‘experiences’ and ‘adventures’ have been reimagined to create a new sub-category (micro-experiences, micro-adventures), so can ‘occasions’… and so micro-occasions needed to form a part of our overall content approach and navigation.

Traffic data also highlighted that users didn’t particularly enter the site via the homepage, but instead entered via a whole host of lower content pages, often coming from search (and so SEO performance is key, too).


Our creative and development approach focused on our key objective; to get more people cooking with duck in their homes, by making duck easy for everyone.  Our aim was to get across just how delicious duck is and how simple it is to cook, making it perfect for any occasion big or small. So we focused two key pillars; ease and inspiration.

Inspiration is delivered by focusing in on ‘micro-occasions’ – where our special occasions don’t just have to be the staple calendar fixtures or events, but something as simple as the end-of-the-week ‘we’ve earned this’ treat – those small and achievable events, for normal people with real lives!

The creative approach is informed by a rebrand in 2017, and we initially presented a range of initial routes, to address the key band pillars.  The route chosen is a premium, flavour-filled, foodie-focused route that brings out the abundance of flavours and tastes that make Gressingham duck so special, providing ‘duckspration’ for everyone

For our foodies, food is life!  So, the website houses over 150 tempting recipes, and zooms in on the most popular recipe themes, which get the taste buds tingling with a mix of flavours, ingredients and suggestions, making it never easier to be a kitchen hero at home.

Finally, each page across the site is treated as its own individual landing page, the site pages are full of fantastic content and really bring the Gressingham brand to life.

To see the website, visit

Both audiences were bound by a common interest, they are all foodies and cooking enthusiasts