Retailer Geo Campaigns


We worked on a year-long testing programme with Mentos, to help them answer  a couple of burning questions about their audience and how they should be talking to them:

The first one – To really understand who the Mentos target audience were and create a campaign to talk directly to them.

And the second – There were some distribution challenges, so we needed to figure out whether geo-marketing could help up sales in specific places.


We ran tests on social ads to help us find the answers:

  • The audience test – Testing 5 creative approaches (using A/B testing) to figure out the most effective
  • The geo test – measuring the impact of creative on sales in specific places

We also did 600 online interviews with 18-44 year olds to find out:

  • Which creative makes them want to buy Mentos?
  • Of the people who react positively to the creative, what are their characteristics? Let’s use that info to target the right people online.


We found out more than we could ever have dreamed of from the tests:

  • Geo-social ads increased overall sales by 20%
  • Our in depth survey showed us an audience that Mentos clearly resonated with, which we could then use to target effectively online. No more shouting into the void! 
  • We discovered that 2 of the creative approaches were far more effective than the others. Combine that with what we found out about the audience and we could get the right people’s attention in the right way and in the right places. 

Getting the right people’s attention at Tescos and Morrisons.