Loyalty Programme


Nescafé wanted to increase their 1st party data, in order to gain a better understanding of their consumers and to be able to target them with the right message at the right time.

So we were briefed to create a “Coffee Club” for Nescafé ; a service that people can sign up to through the Nescafé website.


As most things do, it started with the name – ‘Perks by NESCAFE’.

‘Perks’ offered its members the chance to gain perks not offered to your average coffee drinker.

How it worked is dead simple – simply sign up to ‘Perks’ and every month we’d share offers and rewards for people’s loyalty; gig tickets for the O2 for example, brand new products, entry to competitions, as well as free samples and money-off vouchers.  

On top of that (yes there’s even more!), we created offers and incentives including money off Nescafé products.

These Perks were delivered in a ‘monthly newsletter style’ email which was heavily personalised to each customer based on their data.

By December 2020 the database registrations had increased by over 46%.


Perks by Nescafé launched in July 2020 and has consistently smashed its targets ever since.

By December 2020 the database registrations had increased by over 46%.

And by the end of 2021, database registrations had increased by over 156% from initial levels. The numbers really don’t lie. 

The launch recruitment campaign, which saw consumers create a Nescafé account as a result of this activity, achieved a massive amount of registrations – 93% above target in fact.